Ibérico Cheese from La Mancha by Campollano - 13 Ounces

Ibérico Cheese from La Mancha by Campollano - 13 Ounces

Mild and Flavorful, Aged 60 Days

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  • Full flavored and approachable
  • Mixed milk - cow and goat
  • Little brother to Manchego
  • Pasteurized - aged 60 days
  • Made in La Mancha
  • Size - 13 oz/375 gr wedge

Ibérico cheese is nicely balanced, full of flavor but with a very mild sharpness. It is complex and nuanced, yet approachable to even cheese novices. It is over half cow's milk, lending a smoothness that adds nuance to the bright, tangy flavors of the goat milk. Aged for 60 days, with a firm bite. We serve slices paired with fruit or a slice of membrillo quince preserve.

This Ibérico cheese comes from La Mancha, the home of Spain's famous Manchego cheese, and it shares the bright complex flavor and signature crosshatched rind. Whereas sheep's milk Manchego has a bold flavor, Ibérico is balanced by the smoothness of cow's milk and the acidity of goat's milk. The result is an approachable little brother to the more intense flavor of Manchego.

La Mancha is a land of wide-open plains, where herds of sheep and goats range freely, munching on grasses, thyme and rosemary. To this day, cars are often stopped on country roads by herds of sheep and goats tended by a shepherd. This varied diet and life of exercise creates a flavorful, rich milk - the secret to Ibérico cheese's complex taste.

Serve your Ibérico cheese at room temperature to bring out its full flavor.

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