Trio of Artisan Sliced Meats by Texas Iberico®

Trio of Artisan Sliced Meats by Texas Iberico®

From Iberico Pork Pasture-Raised in Texas

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  • Three artisan cured meats – chorizo, lomo and salami
  • Sliced fresh at La Tienda
  • Featured in The New York Times
  • Ranch-raised in Texas
  • All natural, Animal Welfare Approved
  • Size - 3 x 2 oz/56 gr

These delectable cured meats are produced in small batches at a small curing house famed for its artisan methods. We then cut each piece of chorizo, lomo and salami into paper thin slices at La Tienda. All are made with 100% pure-bred Iberico pork from hogs pasture-raised in the Texas Hill Country. These magnificent pigs feast on acorns, mesquite beans and prickly pear fruit.

The chorizo is made following a classic Spanish recipe. The Iberico pork is mixed with sea salt and spicy Pimentón de la Vera, Spain’s smoky paprika that gives chorizo its red color. The seasoning has a touch of heat, but not so much that it overpowers the delicious flavor of the pork.

The salami is seasoned with smoked serrano peppers, which add a nice heat to the buttery flavor of pure Iberico pork.

The lomo pork loin is cured with smoky Spanish paprika and prickly pear juice, which add a subtle hint of sweetness.

Texas Iberico® pigs are never given antibiotics and they live their entire lives outside on the Trails Ends Ranch run by Ashly Martin, a third-generation rancher in Comfort, Texas. They are certified Animal Welfare Approved by the AGW organization, acknowledged by Consumer Reports as the only “highly meaningful” food label for farm animal welfare.

Not long ago a herd of purebred Ibérico pigs was flown from Spain to America. A group of them now live on the 1500-acre Trail's End ranch in Texas, a similar environment to the 'dehesa' forest of western Spain. Texas live oaks produce a rich acorn much like to those found in Spain. The Ibérico pigs feast on the acorns, as well as sweet mesquite beans and prickly pear fruit. Each of these foods are packed with nutrition and antioxidants that add a special Texan flavor to the pork.

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