Alioli Garlic Sauce by Matiz

Alioli Garlic Sauce by Matiz

Creamy Garlic Sauce

Item: SC-20 |

All Natural



  • Rich, delicious alioli garlic sauce
  • Full garlic flavor, not too strong
  • Smooth and creamy, egg-free
  • For tortilla española, paella & grilled seafood
  • Size - 6.5 oz/185 gr

This creamy, flavorful alioli garlic sauce is delicious with paella, grilled seafood and tortilla española. It has a mild garlic flavor that enhances the taste of almost any dish - we love it on roasted potatoes and even scrambled eggs.

Matiz follows the traditional recipe of fresh garlic blended with oil and lemon juice until it creates a creamy sauce, almost like mayonnaise. Other companies use egg yolk as a shortcut, but this alioli is egg-free allowing the other flavors to shine.

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