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Salt Cod Croquettes Recipe

Receta de Croquetas de Bacalao

1 hour, 45 minutes

30 pieces

Bacalao, or salt cod, is popular across Spain. These tasty croquetas have a crisp shell and creamy interior, a perfect tapa with a glass of wine or beer. La Tienda offers desalted bacalao pieces which are ideal for this recipe.


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4 tbsp undefined

4 tbsp butter

1 quart milk

4 cups flour

1/4 cup cornstarch

1/2 lb undefined, finely diced (cod should be purchased desalted or should be soaked overnight in two changes of cold water)

1 medium onion, peeled and diced

1 garlic clove, finely chopped

1 tbsp flat leaf parsley, chopped

1 tsp salt

Zest of 1 lime

1 tsp oregano

4 eggs

3 cups bread crumbs

Pastry bag fitted with a one-inch tip, or gallon sized plastic bag with one inch cut from one corner

Vegetable oil, as necessary for frying


Lemon wedges

Nutritional Facts

Serving Size 1 piece;
Calories 205;
Total Fat 11.7 gr (15%);
Saturated Fat 3 gr (15%);
Cholesterol 38 mg (13%);
Sodium 1206 mg (52%);
Total Carbohydrates 17.3 gr (6%);
Fiber 0.9 gr (3%);
Sugars 2.3 gr;
Protein 7.6 gr;
Vitamin D 16%;
Calcium 6%;
Iron 7%;
Potassium 1%;

* Percent Daily Values are based on 2000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your caloric needs.

How To Cook


In a small bowl, mix the cornstarch in ¾ cup of the milk and set aside.


Line a baking sheet tray with at least a one-inch edge with parchment paper or heavy duty aluminum foil.  


In a saucepan, warm the milk with oregano, parsley and zest of lime and set aside or keep on low heat until needed. 


Heat a medium sized pot over medium-low heat, add the butter and olive oil and sauté the onion and garlic until soft and translucent. Add cod and lightly sauté 1-2 minutes. 


Add 2 cups flour to the pot and mix to form a roux. Stir constantly until the roux starts to color. Pour in the warm milk in a slow, steady stream, mixing constantly with a whisk, until all milk is added and mixture is completely smooth. Slowly add the cornstarch mixture. Mix well and cook over low heat for 5 minutes, until very thick. Pour onto the baking sheet tray and spread it out evenly. Let cool for one hour, uncovered.  


Fill a pastry bag fitted with a 1-inch tip or plastic gallon bag with the cooled mixture and cut off the tip of the plastic bag to make a 1-inch hole. Prepare your second sheet tray with about 1/4-inch layer of flour. Pipe a long tube of mixture onto the tray and continue until you have piped all of the mixture onto the tray and you have about 5-6 tubes. Refrigerate until firm, about 2 hours. 


Cut each tube into 2-3 inch logs and dredge well in flour on all sides. In a shallow dish, beat the eggs with a little water and spread breadcrumbs on a cookie sheet or shallow dish. Dredge each croquette in the egg mixture, then the breadcrumbs to coat completely and place on a clean tray.  


Fill a heavy pot with frying oil, 2-3 inches deep. Heat to 350° F and fry croquetas in batches, turning them gently until golden brown on each side. Transfer to an ovenproof platter lined with paper towels and keep warm in a low oven until all croquetas are done.  

Serve warm with alioli sauce and lemon wedges.

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1 Reviews

These take a while to prepare, but the end result is delicious and absolutely worth the work

August 2018