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Tapas Entertaining

When we have friends over we love this way of offering a variety of tastes of Spain - they showcase the pure, classic foods of Spain in surprising ways, plus each takes just a few minutes to prepare.  And our friends and neighbors get to enjoy new flavors that make their visit memorable and fun.  Flavorful, unique and easy to prepare - a recipe for a great party!

Jamón, Manchego and Guindilla Spears

Spear a wedge of Manchego cheese, a roll of ham and a guindilla pepper for a tapa to remember!

Anchovy Wrapped Olives

Our top selling anchovy olives wrapped in mild anchovies make for a classic tapa.

Pimentón Coated Almonds

Smoky pimentón paprika mixed with extra large Marcona almonds will become a new favorite.

Cured Meat and Cheese Platter

Always a hit, we have chosen a variety of classic cured meats and aged cheeses for you to enjoy.

Cured Spanish Jamón

Cured Spanish ham is the superstar of our get-togethers - choose a whole piece or pre-sliced jamón.

The Best of Spain