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Just Arrived from Spain!

Vibrant Early Harvest, Cold Pressed Olive Oil by Castillo de Canena

This incredible oil is the very finest early harvest extra virgin olive oil in Spain - maybe the world! First Day of Harvest by Castillo de Canena comes from olives picked on the very first day, just before they are fully ripe. Olive oil of this quality is very rare, because pressing the olives early means much less oil is produced. The olives are so fresh and have so much chlorophyll that the oil glows emerald green.

Every year, the Vaño family presses a very special, limited edition oil, hand-picking the olives as early as is possible. This year's release arrives in distinctive red bottles with labels designed by renowned Spanish actor Juan Echanove, an icon of stage and screen. Supplies are limited, so place your order now!

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