White Truffle Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

White Truffle Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Delicate Truffle Oil from Soria

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  • Delicate, peppery white truffle flavor
  • Gold medal Great Taste Awards 2013
  • Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
  • Serve with roasted meats, fish or mild cheeses
  • From Soria in the heart of truffle country
  • Size - 3.38 fl oz/100 ml

White truffle has an aromatic flavor, with notes of garlic and pepper. Artisans from Soria combine fresh white truffles with extra virgin olive oil - no other ingredients are added. A drizzle of this premium truffle oil will elevate your favorite meats and vegetables to another level.

White truffles have a more delicate flavor than black truffles, so this truffle oil should be used with milder dishes like roasted fish, chicken or spring vegetables. We also like to add a touch to mild cheeses and fresh fruit to bring out the contrasting flavors.

The artisans at Mykes Gourmet take fresh truffles gathered in the mountains around Soria and combine them with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. A few small pieces of white truffle are added to each bottle. The Soria region is famous for its truffles, which are harvested from the wild in the nearby mountains.

Keep your white truffle oil in a cool dark place protected from light. Remember that heat and light are enemies of flavor! Use this oil within a few months to take advantage of its full aroma and flavor.

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