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Bonito del Norte Ventresca Tuna Belly Fillets by La Cala

Bonito del Norte Ventresca Tuna Belly Fillets by La Cala

Buttery Bonito del Norte Belly Fillets | SE-184

se-184 se-184
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  • Exquisite belly fillets
  • Bonito del Norte tuna fish
  • Line-caught, dolphin friendly
  • Packed by hand in olive oil
  • Size - 3.95 oz/112 gr tin

Bonito del Norte tuna from Spain is among the finest in the world, and ventresca - the belly of the tuna – is the fattiest, most delicate cut. Buttery and meltingly tender, this ventresca is among the finest conservas in Spain. Serve on a salad, or place fillets on a slice of great bread and savor the delicate flavors.

Bonito del Norte is a type of Albacore found off the northern coast of Spain. Every year they migrate to the rich seas of the area to feast on sardines, packing on flavorful fats. Harvested only with fishing poles, the tuna retain their delicate texture and rich flavor. No nets are involved, so no other sea creatures are harmed in the process.

The tuna is poached and then each belly is cut by hand and placed in a can to be covered with olive oil. This labor intensive process preserves the ventresca at the peak of flavor and texture.

Albert Adrià sought out this special tuna for his personal collection, branded La Cala. Albert Adrià founded the famed restaurant El Bulli with his brother Ferran and is one of the world’s most venerated chefs.

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