Can Solivera Extra Virgin Unfiltered Arbequina Olive Oil

Can Solivera Extra Virgin Unfiltered Arbequina Olive Oil

Exquisitely Artisan - Perfect for Dipping and Fresh Salad Greens

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All Natural

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  • Medium - fruity and flavorful
  • Made in limited quantities
  • Buttery, warm flavor
  • From the first cold press
  • 100% Arbequina olives
  • Size - 17 oz/500 ml

This extraordinary Can Solivera Arbequina extra virgin olive oil is the closest you will ever come to having your own private oil. It is made in limited quantities by a couple who are on a quest to produce the perfect olive oil - with no compromises tolerated. The initial flavor of this precious olive oil is buttery and a bit sweet, reminiscent of melon and apples. The aftertaste is warm and grassy. Its pleasing bouquet makes it the perfect oil to drizzle on a bit of crusty bread, or to embellish a bowl of baby salad greens.

Can Solivera Unfiltered Arbequina olive oil is obtained solely from the first cold extraction or pressing of the pulp of healthy arbequina olives. The producers follow the painstaking process used in medieval times that preserves the original flavor, color and aroma of the olives. By slowly pouring the fresh oil from the top of the container, they assure that the unwanted sediment remains undisturbed. The result is an olive oil that is endowed with an extraordinary flavor. Virtually all other fine olive oils compromise their final product by filtering it artificially.

The main grove is located in the county of Baix Empordá in the province of Girona, Catalonia, just fifty kilometers from the border with France, and twelve kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea. The micro-climate of the Alt and Baix Empordá counties is particularly suitable for cultivating olive trees. The trees and the fruit endure the Tramontana, a strong and cold wind that comes from the Pyrenees, but afterwards the gentle breeze of the Mediterranean comes to offer them solace. The first Arbequina olives are small and round. During their ripening they change color from a pale green to pink and finally to purple. The color of the olive oil itself varies from emerald green to golden yellow, which mostly depends on the moment of harvesting.