Truffle Cheese from Castile by Campoveja - 1.98 Pounds

Truffle Cheese from Castile by Campoveja - 1.98 Pounds

Sheep's Milk Cheese with Black Truffle

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  • Artisan raw sheep's milk cheese
  • Flecked with black truffle
  • Firm, aromatic and nutty
  • Hand formed and cellar aged
  • From the heart of Castile
  • Size - 1.98 lb/900 gr wheel

Love truffles? We have a very special cheese for you! This delicious sheep's milk cheese is flecked with aromatic black truffles aged right into the cheese. The flavor is rich and nutty, balanced with earthy truffle flavor in every bite. Serve with a glass of beer or sparkling Cava for a taste experience you will never forget!

The cheese has a light ivory color with a fresh herbal aroma balanced by the earthy truffle. It has a smooth rind showing the marks of the cheese cloth. The texture is firm yet smooth.

It all begins in Valladolid, in the heart of Castile. Here the Sanz Esteban brothers oversee a third generation farmhouse cheesemaking operation. They source raw milk from local herds of sheep that wander the wild countryside, eating grasses and herbs like thyme and rosemary. And these happy sheep produce some of the freshest, most flavorful milk in Spain.

The mountains in nearby Soria are the source for their aromatic fresh truffles. When the cheese curd is ready, diced black truffle is stirred in by hand. After the cheese is formed, it is cellar-aged for three months, turned by hand to ensure even aging.

Campoveja won a gold medal for the best farm sheep cheese or small cheese factory in the "International Cheese Awards 2011."