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New Sobrasada Ibérica - Mallorcan-Style Spreadable Chorizo by Fermín

Sobrasada Ibérica - Mallorcan-Style Spreadable Chorizo by Fermín

Spreadable Ibérico Pork Sausage from Spain - All Natural

All Natural

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  • Rich, spreadable - delicious toasted on bread
  • Made with Ibérico pork
  • Seasoned with smoked paprika and oregano
  • Classic Mallorcan-style sausage
  • Made in La Alberca by Fermín
  • Size - 5 oz/142 gr

Rich and smoky, spread this soft sausage on a piece of crusty bread and toast until it begins to melt. Sobrasada is the famous sausage of Mallorca, the beautiful island in the Mediterranean. This all natural version is made from Ibérico pork in the mountain village of La Alberca by Embutidos Fermín. Serve as a delicious canapé, a tasty appetizer or even with eggs at breakfast.

Fermín starts with pork from native Ibérico pigs. Famed for its rich, meltingly delicious fat, the pork is seasoned with Pimentón de La Vera, the intensely smoky paprika of western Spain, plus sea salt and a pinch of oregano. That is it! No nitrates or nitrites, just the simple all natural flavor of a premium quality sausage.

Traditionally the islanders on Majorca and Menorca were unable to fully dry cure their sausages because of the balmy, semi-tropical climate. So they aged their sausages just a few weeks, leaving them semi-soft.

The result is sobrasada, a finely ground soft pork sausage ready to be spread on bread and toasted. We also like to cut a piece and add it to Spanish stews, adding a punch of rich, smoky flavor.

Embutidos Fermín is a family owned curing house in the mountains near Salamanca. Far from the tropical shores of Menorca, they lovingly recreated this classic sausage following a traditional recipe.

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