Ibérico Bacon - Smoked and Thick Cut (3 to 6 Slices)

Ibérico Bacon - Smoked and Thick Cut (3 to 6 Slices)

Made from Spanish Ibérico Pork

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  • Smoky bacon
  • From imported Ibérico pork from Spain
  • Rich and intensely flavorful
  • Cold-smoked with hickory wood
  • USDA inspected
  • Size - 0.5 lb/226 gr - 3 to 6 big slices

Ibérico bacon is rich and incredibly flavorful. Imported pure Ibérico pork bellies, from native black Spanish pigs, are slow smoked with hickory wood and each thick slice literally melts in your mouth. This is bacon heaven! Enjoy with breakfast, add to salads and vegetables or create the world's most amazing BLT.

Ibérico bacon is special. It is intensely flavorful and the fat begins to melt at room temperature. Cook slowly at medium temperature. Unlike common bacon, these thick slices have less lean and more fat - which is a good thing, because the fat contains all of the flavor.

You will receive one package of bacon, with 3 to 6 extra thick slices. Cook within a day or freeze for up to a month.