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Cinco Jotas Sliced 100% Ibérico de Bellota Shoulder - 3 oz


Cinco Jotas Sliced 100% Ibérico de Bellota Shoulder - 3 oz

Premium Acorn-Fed Ibérico Shoulder (Paleta), Thinly Sliced - 3 oz

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  • Delectable acorn-fed, free range cured shoulder
  • Sliced by hand with a knife
  • Cinco Jotas brand from Jabugo
  • True pata negra paleta
  • Size - 3 oz

The name Cinco Jotas is synonymous with the finest acorn-fed, free range cured hams and shoulders in the world! Aged for over two years, this Ibérico de Bellota paleta literally melts in your mouth, releasing a symphony of flavors. Ham masters from Jabugo cut each slice by hand with a special jamonero knife for the most authentic sliced Ibérico de Bellota in the world.

Serve these delectable slices on a warm plate with a great bottle of wine to best experience this treasure of Spanish cuisine! Each slice will have a deep maroon color and an enticing aroma that can only be experienced with cured Ibérico meats.

Paleta Ibérico de Bellota dry-cured shoulders are marbled with beneficial fats that bring a rich intensity of flavor, making this the finest of cured meats. Paletas are smaller than the typical jamón and more marbled. Many people prefer paletas, claiming they have a richer flavor than the larger hams.

Ibérico pigs are an ancient breed, only found in Spain. Cinco Jotas raises its own herd of 100% purebred Ibérico pigs on the oak-tree studded rangelands of western Spain. There they live in family groups, foraging for food and feasting on sweet bellotas, or acorns. During the montanera season, when the acorns are thick on the ground, they can gain ten pounds a day!

This wonderful diet, and all that exercise, means that the meat is marbled with beneficial acorn flavored fats. During the curing process, this fat is transformed into a monounsaturated oil, much like extra virgin olive oil. In fact, there is evidence that eating Ibérico de Bellota will actually lower your cholesterol!

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 46 reviews
  • "Vacum packed but dry"

    Will - carbondale, CO January 2021

  • "Increíble!"

    Eera - Wallingford, CT December 2020

  • "The best of all. Great flavors. A bit expensive. "

    Stefania - Glenview , IL December 2020

  • "Excellent Jamón! It brought back fond memories of our dinner at Cinco Jotas in Barcelona."

    Cecil - Plano, TX December 2020

  • "Worth the splurge. Brought back fond memories of dinner on the last night of our trip to Barcelona"

    Richard - East Elmhurst , NY November 2020

  • "Buenisimo"

    Enrique - Miami, FL August 2020

  • "Unusual cut, rarely found but cheaper. Darker in color. Haven't tried yet"

    William - Alexandria, VA October 2019

  • "Absolutely delicious"

    Robert - Arlington, VA January 2019

  • "Close in taste to the original product, off the bone."

    Costas - NYC, NY January 2019

  • "Fills the mouth with flavor. The best we've had since . . . well, Spain."

    Marshall - PHILADELPHIA, PA November 2018

  • "Disappointed. Difficult to separate. Flavor not good - cold or warm. We have had other brands from La Tienda that taste much better."

    Eric - Matthews, NC November 2018

  • "Was disappointed. The pieces stick together and are hard to pull off even after leaving out for a while. And was on the chewy side "

    Eddie - Montclair, NJ January 2018

  • "Very disappointed in the quality of the jamon I would never order it again "

    El - Chicago , IL January 2018

  • "Good flavor but the texture was stringy and made it difficult to chew."

    Chris - Atlanta, GA October 2017

  • "yo siempre estoy completamente satifecho con el producto que la tienda me ofrese y me da muchisima elegria poder conseguir productos de mi tierra aqui en linea ,si estoy de acuerdo de que deven de esstar orgullosos del todos los productos que ofresen para los clientes espanoles y no espanoles son de muy buena calidad y siempre llegan en muy buen estado ;la mercancia siempre esta muy bien enpaquetada y llega esactamente en el dia que designan para ello ,muy satifecha de haverme hecho uno de sus clientes ,les doy las gracias por todo "

    Santiago - Wilbraham, MA August 2017

  • "The consistency and the flavor of the ham was disappointing, especially for the price "

    HC - New York , NY August 2017

  • "Good"

    Margarita - Tulsa, OK July 2017

  • "Fantastic!!"

    T-Bone - Philadelphia , PA May 2017

  • "Will buy it again"

    Raafat - San Francisco, CA March 2017

  • "great products that make a memorable gift. get some for yourself too."

    TAB - tampa, FL December 2016

  • "So this is what the best of the best tastes like! It's very expensive but splurging was worth it!"

    Myrna - Lombard, IL December 2016

  • "Delicious food "

    Vlad - Watchung, NJ November 2016

  • "very lean its of jamon, dark color and great flavors"

    Krys - Naperville, IL June 2016

  • "It brings me back to my beloved Spain"

    Henry - Fayetteville, NC May 2016

  • "I've already tasted this ham in spain, same brand, and I loved it. Which is why i bought it from La Tienda. I was affraid it wouldn't taste the same, with the long distance shipment and all, but it came super fresh. They pack their packages in a especial way to ensure freshness and authenticity of the products! It's the second time that I order in la Tienda and will probably reorder soon!"

    AIDA - Arlington, VA April 2016

  • "Amazing i love it"

    Bob - Lake Worth, FL March 2016

  • "Wonderful acorn taste with a bit of salt taste to it. This brought back memories of Spain. Just awesome!"

    MLM - Lake Wylie, SC January 2016

  • "absolutely exquisite jamon"

    cornelius - somerville, MA June 2015

  • "A little sampling of the best of the best. What else is there to say? Very natural flavor, you can almost taste the acorns."

    KYLE - HINSDALE, NH May 2015

  • "excellent flavor, some of the best cured ham I have ever tasted, not 5 stars only because of cost"

    Bill - asheville, NC April 2015

  • "Very nice iberian ham"

    Yolanda - Valley Cottage, NY March 2015

  • "Ok, wow. I ordered this obviously thinking that it would be good, but not this good. I have had Pata Negra de Bellota jamon before, but the Cinco Jotas product is on a different level. Just had it with bread and a Rioja with some friends over. It melts in your mouth, and the depth of flavor is incredible. As you eat it, the flavor just keeps evolving. Buy this; you won't be disappointed."

    J. - Hanover, MD February 2015

  • Teresa - Peoria, AZ February 2015

  • Veronica - North Brunswick, NJ February 2015

  • "A wonderful taste of Spain!!! Superb!"

    Sara - Chicago, Illinois December 2014

  • "Unbelievable. Never tasted or smelled anything like it. The flavors come at you in three completely different, unforgettable waves as you chew a slice. The complexity and depth of flavor reminds me of a fine scotch. "

    E - Bartlett, IL December 2014

  • ERIK - RANDOLPH, NJ December 2014

  • "At $240 a pound it is not for the faint of heart, but at a 3oz pack for a special treat, won't break the bank and it is worth every cent! Thanks"

    Jabes - Lutz, FL November 2014

  • "Great !!!!"

    FCO - COTO LAUREL, FL November 2014

  • "Cinco Jotas is by far the top of the line of Iberico Ham. Expertly sliced and a long after taste."


  • "Good but very expensive."

    Mona - Sicklerville, NJ April 2014

  • Michael - Manchester, NH June 2013

  • "As always the very best, it just seems to go too fast!"

    Kathleen - Fleming Island, FL April 2013

  • "excellent, but always a little pricey. thanks"

    Romeo - Brownsville, TX April 2013

  • Sheila - Scottsdale, AZ April 2013


    ANA - SUGAR LAND, TX February 2013

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