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Sliced Cantimpalo Chorizo by Peregrino

Image for Sliced Cantimpalo Chorizo by Peregrino

Sliced Cantimpalo Chorizo by Peregrino

Classic Thick Spanish Sausage - Thinly Sliced

All Natural

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  • Aged chorizo sausage
  • Thinly sliced
  • With Spanish smoked paprika, garlic and sea salt
  • For sandwiches or charcutería platters
  • Made in the U.S. from a Spanish recipe
  • Size - 6 oz/170 gr

Chorizo is Spain’s favorite cured sausage. This thinly sliced chorizo brings the signature smoky flavor of Spanish sausages to charcuterie boards and tasty sandwiches.

Chorizo is made by grinding pork with sea salt, garlic and smoked Pimentón de La Vera (Spanish paprika), which adds an intense smoky flavor. Then it is hung to dry and age until the flavors meld and it is ready to slice.

We work with a sausage maker here in the U.S. who follows a traditional Spanish recipe to create this chorizo, using imported smoked paprika, sea salt and spices.

Fully cured, no cooking necessary.

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