Sausages of Spain Gift Box

Sausages of Spain Gift Box

Gift Box of Our Most Popular Sausages

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  • Sampling of Spain’s traditional sausages
  • Slice and serve
  • Presented in a stylish white La Tienda branded gift box
  • Mix of imported and U.S. made sausages

Give the traditional sausages of Spain with this hand picked assortment. This Sausages of Spain Gift Box includes dry-cured sausages sure to please every palate’s pleasure — from spicy and salty to mild and meaty. Take a mouthwatering voyage from the mountains of La Rioja to historic Old Castile to the valleys of Western Spain.

Discover six popular dry-cured embutidos tucked in a stylish gift box, culminating in the ideal gift for meat-loving friends, family and colleagues, or as a delectable addition to your own kitchen. Each of the mouthwatering sausages is dry-cured, ready to slice, serve and savor!

Sausages of Spain Gift Box includes:

Mild Palacios Chorizo (7.9 oz/240 gr): The flavor of distinctive smoked paprika sets Spanish chorizo apart from all other sausages. Made from a generations-old recipe by a family-owned company in La Rioja, this juicy pork sausage is seasoned with Pimentón de La Vera, sweet smoked paprika. It is fully dry-cured and ready to eat.

Hot Palacios Chorizo (7.9 oz/240 gr):  Spicier than its mild counterpart, this dry-cured sausage will give taste buds a little kick. Seasoned with picante-smoked paprika, it is mildly hot, but not blazing. Also known for its deep smoky flavor, this chorizo gets along well with sharp cheeses and white wine.

Palacios Salchichón Sausage (7.9 oz/240 gr): A favorite of our family, each slice is mild and delicious! Seasoned with black peppercorns and sea salt instead of the pimentón smoked paprika used in chorizo. Slice this salchichón sausage as thinly as possible and serve at room temperature with a glass of good Spanish wine. You can also make a delicious bocadillo sandwich with a freshly baked loaf of rustic bread and thin salchichón slices.

Cantimpalo Chorizo by Quijote (1 lb/450 gr): This large two inch thick sausage is perfect for slicing thinly. Make a classic bocadillo sandwich with a loaf of fresh bread, or wrap slices around grilled shrimp for a delicious treat. This sausage is made in the U.S. by a Spanish family using a classic recipe.

Ibérico Longaniza Sausage (7 oz/200 gr): A longaniza style slicing chorizo made with Ibérico pork, garlic and Pimentón de La Vera smoked paprika for a rich red color and smoky flavor.

Ibérico Salchichón Sausage (7 oz/200 gr): Ibérico salchichón sausages are simply seasoned with sea salt and black pepper and hung to cure in the cool mountain air for several weeks. Unlike Ibérico chorizo, salchichón sausages are not seasoned with smoked paprika, so the pure Ibérico pork flavor shines through in each delicious bite!

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