Porras Pastries by Peregrino - Toast and Serve

Porras Pastries by Peregrino - Toast and Serve

About 8 Porras Per Package

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All Natural

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  • Porras cooked in Spain
  • Ready in 3 minutes
  • Pre-cooked and frozen
  • Thicker and softer than churros
  • About 8 per package
  • Size - 9.8 oz/280 gr

Porras are a delicious fried pastry beloved in Spain. For some reason they are far less known than churros. They are larger than churros and have a lighter dough full of air pockets. Not as crispy as churros, they have a softer, lighter texture with the same great taste.

Now you can enjoy hot, delicious porras in minutes! Simply pop a few in the toaster (we recommend a toaster oven) and they come out crisp and golden brown. Serve with coffee or thick, hot chocolate a la taza.

Our supplier in Valencia cooks the porras until crisp and golden in a traditional kettle, then flash freezes them. Simply keep them in the freezer so that you can toast them up whenever you get a craving.

Peregrino porras are all natural and made with olive oil.