La Marjal Paella Rice

La Marjal Paella Rice

Classic Paella Rice from Valencia

All Natural

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  • Each bag makes over 13 cups of cooked rice
  • Produced in Valencia
  • Very absorbent, short grained
  • Grown in the Albufera Nature Reserve
  • Size - 2.2 lbs/1 kilo

Valencia is the legendary birthplace of paella. Rice is central to this dish, and not just any rice will do. Paella rice must have a short round grain that doesn't get sticky but absorbs a lot of flavor.

'La Marjal' paella rice is grown in the Albufera Nature Reserve near Valencia using no pesticides or fertilizers. This is the most commonly used type of paella rice used by chefs and cooks in the region.

While not quite as premium as our 'Calasparra' and 'Bomba' rices, 'La Marjal' rice is a very good rice that is also a great value.