Fresh Padrón Peppers - Pimientos de Padrón (Ships Within One Week)

Fresh Padrón Peppers - Pimientos de Padrón (Ships Within One Week)

‘Spanish Roulette!’ -The NY Times - Allow One Week for Shipping

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  • NOTE: Ships within one week
  • "Spanish Roulette!" -The NY Times
  • Classic tapa of Galicia
  • Some are hot, and some are not!
  • Grown from true Padrón pepper seeds from Spain
  • Size - 1 pound (about 50 peppers)

Pimientos de Padrón are amazingly tasty, tiny fresh peppers originally from Galicia in northwest Spain. Sizzled in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt, they have a delicious flavor and most are mild. But once in a while you will bite into a spicy pepper - the reason The New York Times coined them "Spanish Roulette!"

NOTE: We ship our freshly harvested peppers weekly on a first come, first served basis. Your order will ship within 7 days depending on availability. If there are items in your order other than Padrón peppers, we will ship your entire order to you when the peppers are available. We suggest placing your Padrón peppers orders separately if you would like to have the other products in your cart shipped now.

People flock to tapas bars across Galicia to savor a plateful of these unique peppers lightly seared in olive oil, and then sprinkled with sea salt. Their fame has spread throughout the rest of Spain – and now across America!

What makes these little Padrón peppers unique is that randomly you will pop a spicy one in your mouth! Since there is no way to distinguish the spicy one from the rest, which are sweet, you never know when you will get a surprise. In Galicia they have a saying: "Los pimientos de Padrón, unos pican y otros no," basically translated as "Some are hot and some are not."

We are thrilled to offer fresh Pimientos de Padrón peppers grown from Spanish seeds. Every couple of days during the growing season, our farmer hand-picks these small, crisp peppers. Following the tradition of the farmers of the village of Padrón, he selects only the small young peppers so most are mild. The following morning we receive these fresh peppers and send them on to you!

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