Large Olive Wood Salad Bowl

Large Olive Wood Salad Bowl

A Handmade Masterpiece

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  • Authentic aged olive wood
  • Carved by skilled artisans
  • Hand-crafted excellence!
  • From the island of Mallorca
  • Size - 8.5 inch diameter; 3 in deep

This large olive wood salad bowl is a masterpiece.

The craftsman from Mallorca cut no corners - this bowl is made from one block of olive wood - not a laminate. It is hard to find a perfect piece of olive wood this large, but the result is a beautifully grained piece that will not crack over time. This will be the best salad bowl you have ever used - and you will enjoy it for many years.

For thousands of years olive wood has been one of the finest for carving, because when carved by an artisan this hardwood provides a smooth, silky finish.

Our artisan supplier draws on a tradition spanning back generations. The block of olive wood selected for this bowl must be absolutely flawless.

Once the olive wood is dried and aged, it is carved by hollowing, turning and sanding the ancient wood. After carving it is set aside for at least two months so that the bowl is completely dry. Finally natural food-safe oils are rubbed into the finished wood.

Wash by hand, coat lightly with neutral food-safe oil, like sunflower oil, between uses.