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5 Packages of Palacios Mini Chorizos

$46.95 Rated 5 Stars
Image for 5 Packages of Palacios Mini Chorizos

5 Packages of Palacios Mini Chorizos

20 Pieces - Imported from Spain - All Natural

All Natural

$46.95cz-31 cz-31 cz-31
  • Distinctively seasoned with smoked paprika
  • Dry-cured and ready to eat
  • Size - 2 lbs

(en español abajo)

These delicious pork mini-sausages are seasoned with sweet smoked paprika -- pimentón dulce. It is a milder blend of the distinctive paprika that sets Spanish chorizo apart from sausages from any other country. These chorizos are fully dry-cured and ready to eat with your favorite cheese and wine, or just a chunk of crusty bread. You get 20 links about 2 to 3 inches long in each package.


Estos deliciosos chorizos de cerdo están sazonados con pimentón dulce español. Es una mezcla más suave del pimentón que distingue al chorizo español de cualquier salchicha de otro país. Estos chorizos están curados en seco y listos para comer con su queso y vino favorito, o simplemente con un trozo de pan. Vienen 20 choricillos de unas 2 - 3 pulgadas de longitud.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 8 reviews Rated 5 Stars
  • Rated 5 Stars

    Warren - Thornwood, NY March 2015

  • Rated 5 Stars


  • Rated 5 Stars

    "Love these mini chorizos! The size and packaging are just right - I can snack on one in the little bubble now and save the other for later, or I can use both to make a tasty dish."

    Patrice - Port Angeles, WA November 2014

  • Rated 4 Stars

    "Very good Spanish chorizos!! A little hard after cooking."

    Maria - Guaynabo, PR, OH November 2014

  • Rated 5 Stars

    "These chorizos are great to add to your cooking but they are also good for just eating themselves. "

    Maria - Colorado Springs, CO March 2013

  • Rated 5 Stars

    "The minis are my favorite! Always keep some in the house to serve to friends & family. Also great with sidra casera! Viva España!"

    Kady - Terra Bella, California January 2013

  • Rated 5 Stars

    "Excellent flavor. Good for snacking and for cooking. I use these in paella, with black beans, white beans, arroz con pollo and soups. They keep well in the fridge."

    Susana - Troy, New York September 2012

  • Rated 4 Stars

    ENRIQUE - RANCHO SANTA FE, California July 2012