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Marcona Almonds by La Cala

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Marcona Almonds by La Cala

Exceptional Almonds by Chef Albert Adrià

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  • Fried in extra virgin olive oil
  • Premium Marcona variety
  • Rich and crunchy
  • By famed Chef Albert Adrià
  • Seasoned with sea salt
  • Size - 3.88 oz/110 gr

La Cala marcona almonds are exceptionally flavorful and healthy. These plump almonds are fried in extra virgin olive oil, then sprinkled with sea salt. Famed chef Albert Adrià personally selected these almonds to be part of his signature line.

These Marcona almonds are not only delicious with a perfect crunch, they are also very healthful, with a high calcium content, vitamin E, proteins and antioxidant agents.

Chef Albert Adrià collaborates with famed roaster Cas Gispert in Barcelona, founded in 1851. This boutique store and roaster selects only the finest nuts and cooks them in small batches, just as they have done for over 150 years.

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