La Paella: Deliciously Authentic Rice Dishes by Jeff Koehler

La Paella: Deliciously Authentic Rice Dishes by Jeff Koehler

Hardcover - 144 Pages

Item: BK-24



  • 30 recipes, from traditional to modern
  • Learn about the best cookware and techniques
  • Includes background and history of paella
  • Dozens of color photos
  • By food writer Jeff Koehler
  • Size - 144 pages - 30 recipes

This excellent book shows you the best techniques for cooking a great paella! Starting with the history of paella you will learn about the best cookware to use, the essential ingredients and great tips on paella success.

La Paella answers all of your paella questions: What kind of paella pan should you use, and how many people will the pan really serve? What is the best way you prepare your saffron and broth? What is the best time to add the paella rice? How do you make socarrat, the crunchy rice layer on the bottom? How do you cook using the stove top vs the oven vs a propane burner?

Explore over 30 recipes in this comprehensive cookbook including traditional paellas and other delicious rice dishes, as well as a few classic desserts. Each of the recipes is accompanied by beautiful color photographs.

Jeff Koehler is a longtime Barcelona resident, Spanish food expert and a food writer for publications such as Food & Wine and The L.A. Times.

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