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La Mancha Saffron by Matiz


La Mancha Saffron by Matiz

Top Quality Saffron for Paella

All Natural

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  • Essential for paellas
  • Adds aroma and color
  • Hand-picked
  • From La Mancha, Spain
  • Top Grade 1 quality
  • Size - 0.028 oz/0.8 gr

Saffron is the essential spice for paella and many other Spanish dishes. Saffron is the pistils of a special crocus flower, plucked from brilliant blue flowers one by one. Since Moorish times saffron has been an important spice in Spain.

For each kilo of saffron, tiny pistils are plucked out of 150,000 crocus flowers! Thankfully a little bit goes a long way. One pinch of saffron adds color and rich aroma to paella, arroz con pollo and dozens of other Spanish dishes.

The La Mancha region of Spain is famous for producing the very highest quality saffron in the world. The important factor in understanding quality is a saffron’s power of coloration. According to international ISO norms, Grade 1 saffron has a power of coloration above 190 UPC (units of power of coloration). Matiz Azafrán, used by the world-renowned chef Ferran Adrià, regularly tests at over 240 UPC.

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