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Ibérico Cheese, Mixed Milk - 8.8 Ounces

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Ibérico Cheese, Mixed Milk - 8.8 Ounces

Mild and Flavorful | CS-187

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  • Mild and approachable
  • Mixed milk - cow, goat and sheep
  • Smooth and rich
  • Pasteurized - aged 60 days
  • Size - 8.8 oz/250 gr wedge

Ibérico cheese is a rich cheese, with a full flavor and mild sharpness. This cheese is a blend of 50% cow's milk, plus goat's milk and sheep's milk. It is medium cured with a firm bite. Serve wedges alongside fruit or membrillo quince preserve.

Ibérico cheese has some similarities to Manchego, with a bright complex flavor and crosshatched rind. While Manchego is made of 100% sheep's milk, Ibérico brings the smoothness of cow's milk and the acidity of goat's milk. We like to think of Ibérico cheese as the approachable little brother to the more intense Manchego.

To best enjoy the flavor of Ibérico cheese, serve at room temperature.

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