XL Paella Burner with Three Rings - For Pans Up to 36 Inches

XL Paella Burner with Three Rings - For Pans Up to 36 Inches

For All Pans Up to 36 Inches

Item: PB-03A

| US Only



  • For pans up to 36”
  • Extra-large burner with 3 burner rings
  • Propane hose & regulator included
  • Hooks up to a standard propane tank
  • Perfect for outdoor cooking

This is the grand-daddy of them all. For paella pans over 26" in diameter. The burner has three concentric rings for a very even flame. The diameter of the outer ring is 27"; the middle diameter is 19". The inner ring diameter is 12".

Using our Extra Large Paella Burner is a great way to prepare paella on your deck or in your backyard for a neighborhood party.

Believe it or not, in the aftermath of a hurricane which cut the power lines here in Virginia, one of our customers broke out his extra large burner and proceeded to serve hot food to all of his neighbors!

I am not suggesting that, but the 'grande' size allows complete freedom to cook whatever you want without being limited by the capacity of your kitchen: super paellas, garlic shrimp, barbecue .. whatever.

Along with the burner, you will receive a sturdy red painted tripod that provides a stable base. You also will receive a propane hose and regulator designed specifically for the United States. All you need to do is hitch it up to your propane canister.

This versatile burner is made in Spain, and, don't forget, it can be used to cook many other meats and vegetables.

Tripod and regulator included.

Note: For outdoor use only. Hazardous for indoor use. Can only be used with a standard propane tank, cannot be used with a natural gas hookup.

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