Gourmet Dark Chocolate Variety Gift Box (40 Pieces)

Gourmet Dark Chocolate Variety Gift Box (40 Pieces)

Assortment of 40 Mini Dark Chocolates

All Natural

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  • Three varieties: 95%, 70% and 55% cacao
  • Premium Trinitario cacao
  • 100% organic ingredients
  • Handmade in Madrid
  • Great gift for the dark chocolate lover
  • Size - 7.05 oz/200 gr

Like a little treasure box for the dark chocolate lover, this gift box holds 40 exceptional mini dark chocolate bars to be enjoyed whenever a craving arises. You can choose from three delectable varieties: smooth and silky 55% cacao; the intense yet balanced 70%; or the powerhouse 95%, with notes of citrus and tropical fruits.

Premium organic Trinitario cacao beans make all the difference. Roasted to perfection, then carefully blended in small batches at the Orgániko workshop near Madrid, this special type of cacao delivers richness and intensity without being overly bitter or harsh. Each little bite of chocolate melts smoothly and has a lasting complex flavor that lingers on your palate.

This attractive box holds 40 bite size chocolate bars and is a wonderful gift for the dark chocolate lover in your life. Each piece is individually wrapped.

Chocolate Orgániko is a small chocolate company run by our friends María Eugenia Pozo and Carlos Ortiz. Their mission is to create exceptional organic chocolates from the finest cacao beans.

Chocolate Orgániko sources only 100% organic Trinitario cacao beans sustainably grown in the Dominican Republic and nearby islands. Trinitario beans are the finest in the world, a hybrid of the rare Criollo bean and the more common Forastero bean. Trinitario beans create a chocolate with a finely balanced flavor intensity and smooth texture.

These high quality chocolates have been tested and are well below the limits for substances with potential health concerns outlined in California’s stringent Prop65 requirements.