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Connoisseur's Cheese Collection

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Connoisseur's Cheese Collection

Selection of Artisan Cheeses from Spain | BT-73

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  • Classic Spanish cheeses
  • Perfect for a wine and cheese party
  • From different cheesemaking regions
  • Made from cow's, goat's and sheep's milks
  • Over 5 pounds total

Delight your friends and family with this collection of artisan cheeses from Spain! Each cheese boasts a distinct story and flavor profile, and are perfect served with your favorite wine. Four large cheeses and a trio of Manchego cheeses are included. Serve them all at a wine and cheese party, or try them one at a time to savor the distinct taste of each one.

This tasty collection includes:

San Simón - San Simón greets you with a deep, smoky aroma. Its pale yellow interior is buttery and mild, with a fresh flavor and delicate smokiness. Cow's milk from Galicia, 1.1 lbs.

Manchego Cheese Sampler - Here we offer you Spain's most famous cheese at three different ages - a young, mild 3 month aged wedge, a Curado 6 month aged wedge and a firm, sharp Gran Reserva 9 month aged wedge. Made with raw sheep's milk from La Mancha, three 8.8 oz wedges.

Mahón - Mahón is smooth and supple and the aroma is sweet and fruity. Its flavor is at once mildly sharp, buttery and slightly salty. Cow's milk from the Balearic Islands, 1.65 lbs.

Rosemary Infused Sheep's Milk Cheese - This beautifully aged cheese from La Mancha is flecked with rosemary leaves and aged for 4 months. It has a similar flavor profile to a mild, young Manchego with the additional taste of rosemary that evokes the countryside of La Mancha, 1.1 pounds.

Garrotxa - Savor the smooth texture and fresh, nutty and herbal flavor of this semi-firm goat cheese. The mildly acidic, fresh taste of Garrotxa is ideal for sprinkling on salads or taking center stage for dessert paired with fresh preserves or drizzled with honey. Lovingly made at Ca l'Urpina, a farm located at the foot of the Massís de Montserrat mountains, 10.5 oz wedge.

(We may substitute products of equal quality for those shown in photo.)


San Simón: Pasteurized cow's milk, salt, lactic ferments, rennet, calcium chloride, egg lysosome.

Manchego Cheese Sampler: Raw manchego sheep's milk, salt, rennet, egg lysozyme, and lactic ferments.

Mahón: Pasteurized cow's milk, sea salt, animal rennet, and cheese culture.

Rosemary Infused Sheep's Milk Cheese: Raw sheep's milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments, egg lysozyme and rosemary.

Garrotxa: Pasteurized goat milk, rennet, lactic ferments, sea salt and calcium chloride.

All information listed on our website, including nutrient content information, ingredient lists, and information relating to health claims is for informational purposes only and not provided as medical advice. You should carefully read all information in the actual product packaging and labels, including for food allergen, nutrient content and qualified health claims before using or consuming a product. La Tienda does not assume any liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.

Use and Care

These cheeses may be refrigerated up to 6 months when unopened, and 3 to 4 weeks after opening. We do not recommend freezing cheese as it degrades the quality of the product.

Spots on the exterior can be wiped off with a cloth lightly dampened with olive oil or can be cut off.

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