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Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts in Antoni Gaudí Box by Cudié

Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts in Antoni Gaudí Box by Cudié

Bombons D'Avellana - Made with Spanish Hazelnuts | CT-52

All Natural

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  • Toasted hazelnuts covered in dark chocolate and cocoa
  • Handmade in Catalonia
  • Made with Spanish hazelnuts
  • About 15 pieces per box
  • Gaudí inspired packaging
  • Size - 2.8 oz/80 gr

Antoni Gaudí bonbons are a delectable candy made with toasted and caramelized Spanish hazelnuts coated in white chocolate praline and dipped in cocoa powder.

Each piece contains a crisp whole hazelnut covered in rich, decadent chocolate. Try these amazing chocolate covered hazelnuts alone or with a mug of your favorite coffee or hot chocolate.

In 1946, Josep Cudié, a master chocolatier from the town of Vilafranca del Penedès, created a fantastic chocolate treat when he blended caramelized Marcona almonds with white chocolate praline and cocoa powder. Called 'cro-crem' almonds at the time, they were immensely well-loved. Josep's chocolate shop was located in a historic building named 'Cal Catani' and his popular 'cro-crem' almonds became known as 'Catànies'.

These hazelnut bonbons are made in the same way as the original Catànies. The only difference is the use of hazelnuts instead of Marcona almonds.

For more than 50 years, Cudié chocolates have been handmade with a unique combination of nuts and chocolate praline. The secret praline recipe has been passed from generation to generation. A family-run company, Bombons Cudié insists on using only the very best gourmet chocolate and the finest quality ingredients available.

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