Caramel Glazed Almonds (Garapiñadas) by Peregrino

Caramel Glazed Almonds (Garapiñadas) by Peregrino

Crisp Candied Almonds

Item: NT-09 |

All Natural



  • Crunchy roasted almonds
  • Coated in crisp caramel
  • Classic feria food in Spain
  • Sweet and delicious
  • Size - 3.5 oz/100 gr

These addictively crunchy almond treats start with whole roasted almonds. They are then coated in a crisp shell of caramelized sugar, a process called 'garapiñada' in Spain. Serve these Spanish caramelized almonds with coffee, or as a sweet nibble with a glass of sparkling Cava wine.

Almendras garapiñadas are a classic snack at the spring férias (fairs) in Spain. The air fills with enticing aromas as vendors sauté almonds in sugar until they turn golden brown. As the almonds cool, the caramelized coating hardens to a crisp shell.