Bonito del Norte Ventresca Belly Fillets by Nardín - 8.5 Oz Jar

Bonito del Norte Ventresca Belly Fillets by Nardín - 8.5 Oz Jar

Line Caught and Hand-Packed in Olive Oil

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All Natural



  • Most tender part of the tuna
  • Prepared fresh the day of harvest
  • Line caught and dolphin friendly
  • Size - 8.5 oz/240 gr

Ventresca, the belly of the tuna, is prized by seafood connoisseurs as the most tender and delicious part of the entire tuna. Ventresca is widely known as the finest part of the Bonito del Norte tuna and Nardín makes the finest tuna in Spain. Nardín Ventresca Belly Fillets are line caught, hand prepared and packed in olive oil - resulting in the most tender, flavorful tuna you'll ever eat!

The Bonito del Norte tuna is a small type of Albacore tuna that migrates annually from the Atlantic Ocean to the cool seas of Northern Spain. Once off the coast of Spain, the tuna lingers and fattens up on the plentiful smaller fish there. Only then are they are ready for harvest.

Nardín uses only tuna caught by hand on Spanish fishing boats. Nets or long lines are never used as they stress the fish and lessen the quality of the finished product. The Nardín family selects only the very best Bonito del Norte tuna from each morning's catch. They prepare the fresh (never frozen) fish the same day at their small facility in the Basque country. The tuna is carefully cooked before being cut by hand and placed in glass jars. The tuna is then topped with olive oil to preserve its flaky texture.

Use it as the centerpiece of a salad at your next dinner party or serve as a tapa on crusty bread. If you're feeling a little decadent, this tuna will make the best tuna sandwich you've ever had!

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