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2 Packages of Blue Cheese and Walnut Croquetas by Senén (for Oven)


2 Packages of Blue Cheese and Walnut Croquetas by Senén (for Oven)

Serve Crisp from the Oven

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  • Exceptional croquetas from the Basque Country
  • Bake and serve - no frying
  • Crisp outside, creamy inside
  • Mild blue cheese and walnuts
  • By famed chef Senén González
  • Size - About 16 pieces - 2 x 7 oz/200 gr

You can tell a great tapas bar by the quality of their croquetas. These blue cheese and walnut croquetas were invented at the Sagartoki restaurant, named the best tapas bar in Spain!

Following their famous recipe, these croquetas are prepared with mild blue cheese and toasted walnuts. Then they are frozen, ready for you to prepare at home. You simply bake them in the oven with no frying necessary. Serve them hot and enjoy the crisp crust and rich, creamy interior. Truly exceptional.

Chef Senén González grew up in his parents’ restaurant in the Basque Country and founded Sagartoki to elevate his beloved tapas to an art. One of his tapas won the Best Tapa in Spain twice, and his tortilla española was named the best in all of Spain. Now he offers his amazing tapas for you to enjoy at home, including these delicious croquetas.

Shipped frozen.

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