Fideuá de Tinta de Calamar - Black Fideo Pasta

Fideuá de Tinta de Calamar - Black Fideo Pasta

Pasta with Squid Ink

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All Natural



  • Top quality fideuá pasta
  • Fideuá is a type of pasta for paella
  • All natural
  • Infused with flavorful squid ink broth
  • Spanish language recipe included
  • Size - 8.8 oz/250 gr

Fideuá is a rich, flavorful dish from Valencia, similar to paella but using pasta instead of rice. These squid ink infused noodles are the foundation for delicious black fideuá. Easy to make and impressive to serve, Fideuá de Tinta de Calamar is great for family gatherings.

To make fideuá, thin fideo pasta noodles are simmered in a paella pan with seafood broth and fresh fish and shellfish. These fideo noodles are infused with all-natural squid ink, for a rich taste and black color - and surprisingly mild seafood flavor.

Fideuá de Tinta de Calamar takes even less effort than a simple paella. With a good seafood broth and a few fresh ingredients on hand, preparation takes less than 30 minutes. The paella pan full of fideuá can be served directly to the table, along with bread and an ensalada mixta. Be sure to offer freshly made alioli garlic mayonnaise, the perfect complement to the rich seafood fideuá. A Spanish language recipe is included.

The pasta maker Sandro Desii was founded in the Barcelona region in 1967. They produce only the finest quality, all natural pastas made with eggs, garlic and other fresh ingredients. In our opinion, there are no finer pastas for fideuá.

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