Artisan Tomate Frito Sauce by La Cuna

Artisan Tomate Frito Sauce by La Cuna

Small Batch, Fried Tomato Sauce

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All Natural



  • Small batch, handmade
  • An essential part of the Spanish pantry
  • Sweet and very low acidity
  • La Cuna's signature product
  • All natural, fresh ingredients
  • Size - 6.5 oz/185 gr

Tomate frito is an essential part of Spanish cooking, used as a base for paella, fish and meat dishes. Tomatoes at the peak of freshness are slowly simmered in olive oil for hours, releasing their natural sweetness. La Cuna tomate frito is bursting with flavor, by far the finest we have ever tried.

Each small batch of tomate frito sauce is prepared on a big, flat paella pan and stirred by hand for hours. As it cooks, the tomato flavor is concentrated into a sweet, dynamic sauce. It is then spooned into individual jars and sealed for delivery.

The artisans at La Cuna founded their company to feature the flavors of their childhood. They only make all natural recipes, made with loving care like they remember from home. They named the company La Cuna, which means "The Cradle."

Pure and simple: Tomato, olive oil, sugar and salt.

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