Artisan Cheese Trio by Buenalba - 3.3 Pounds

Artisan Cheese Trio by Buenalba - 3.3 Pounds

Three Incredible Flavors - Rosemary, Paprika and Red Wine

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All Natural

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  • Made by a small family company
  • Gourmet quality from La Mancha
  • Infused with all natural wine and spices
  • Top quality raw milk
  • No coloring added
  • Size - Three 1.1 lb/17.6 oz pieces

A small family cheesemaker from La Mancha offers these three incredible cheeses. Fresh rosemary leaves, red wine or smoked paprika from La Vera are blended directly into the cheeses, lending a distinctive natural flavor and delightful color to each of these very special cheeses.

The first is fundamentally a Manchego cheese, but at the very earliest part of the cheesemaking process ground fresh rosemary leaves are blended with the sheep's milk, imparting the aromatic flavor of the La Mancha countryside. The second is a mild, tangy goat and sheep's milk cheese mixed with red wine which adds a touch of sweetness and a delightful wine aroma. The last is also a goat and sheep's milk cheese with the distinctly Spanish flavor of smoked paprika from La Vera - the bright orange color comes only from this vibrant spice. All three are made using very fresh raw milk.

Other suppliers merely submerge their cheeses in wine or coat the exterior with rosemary or pimentón (smoked paprika). Buenalba cheeses are unique, blending the wine and herbs directly into the cheese, with a beautiful presentation and a delicious, approachable flavor profile. All are made by the Alvarez Valera family, who shepherd the animals themselves, ensuring the freshest, finest quality cheeses possible. The family has been running the company for four generations, with decades of experience and a focus on quality, all natural cheeses.