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Anchovies from L'Escala in Olive Oil

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Anchovies from L'Escala in Olive Oil

Premium Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil | SE-162

All Natural

se-162 se-162

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  • Tender, meaty fillets
  • Hand packed in olive oil
  • From the port of L'Escala, famous for anchovies
  • Fresh and briny
  • Packed in sea salt for up to 2 years
  • Size - 1.9 oz drained wt

People across Spain love anchovies. That is because Spanish anchovies are tender and fresh tasting, a succulent burst of flavor. For those who consider anchovies salty toppings for a Caesar salad, these premium fillets from L'Escala are a revelation.

L'Escala is famous for providing the finest anchovies. This small port on the Mediterranean has been a fishing village for at least twenty five hundred years, when the ancient Greeks introduced the art of salting fish to the region. The local people love the anchovy so much they have a museum and annual festival to celebrate this wonderful fish.

Local women still clean each anchovy one-by-one just as they did in previous generations. The plump fillets are rinsed and packed by hand. From that moment, they are kept refrigerated until they reach your table, keeping them fresh and delicate.

Before being cleaned, L'Escala anchovies are packed in barrels with sea salt for up to two years - the anchovy master in the port decides how long the anchovies should be cured according to decades of experience.

Our supplier, Anxoves de L'Escala, continues a tradition it started in 1940. The original small workshop has been replaced with a highly sanitary and modern facility, but the artisan methods are still followed.

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