Aged Mahón Cow's Milk Cheese, D.O. - 1.4 Pounds

Aged Mahón Cow's Milk Cheese, D.O. - 1.4 Pounds

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All Natural

Aged Hard Cheese from Menorca

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  • Aged, hard cheese
  • Pleasantly sharp flavor
  • Cow's milk
  • From the island of Menorca
  • Size - 1.4 lbs/22.4 oz

Mahón is one of our favorites, a traditional cheese from the Balearic Island of Menorca. Made from cow’s milk, this aged version has a bright sharpness with a pleasant nutty flavor and a hard texture much like a parmesan.

Traditional Mahón cheese is coated with mild paprika and formed "cushion" shape, traditionally created by wrapping the cheese in a napkin. Cut thin slices, then sprinkle with olive oil, black pepper and tarragon to enjoy it like a Menorcan!

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