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Bota Wineskins

Bota wineskins have been used for thousands of years in Spain, a convenient and portable storage device for travelers, shepherds and farmers. In centuries past, giant wineskins made from a whole goat hide were used to transport large quantities of wine via burro.

Nowadays, botas are a fun way to bring wine on hikes, picnics and other adventures. Modern latex lined botas can hold water or other liquids as well.

painting of man drinking from a bota bagTrue botas are hand made from goatskin. The process takes over 40 steps, from curing the leather to sewing each one together with needle and thread. The result is a wineskin that is tough, watertight and can last for generations

We are proud to offer botas from Jesús Blasco, a family owned bota workshop in the famous castle town of Sigüenza, a couple of hours northeast of Madrid. Since the 1800s, they've preserved the ancient tradition of bota making, using wood tannins, pine pitch and flawless local goat suede. To this day the family company is run by descendants of the original founder, Julián Blasco.

We visited Jesús and his sons in their small workshop in Sigüenza. This generous family showed us how they still stitch each bota by hand, continuing a tradition passed down over the generations. We are honored to be able to support their efforts to preserve this ancient art.

If you are a purist, your choice will be a bota whose interior is coated with pine pitch - it takes more care, but it will last for decades. For a more convenient bota, we offer a latex lined wineskin. It still has the authentic suede goatskin exterior, but it requires no preparation or special care. It all depends how uncompromising you want to be!


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